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Zeus the Problem Solver

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Unbeknownst to most humans, there were 48 000 gods in Greek Mythology not just one and so decent room to live on Mount Olympus was quite, well, scarce. The worse thing was that they kept having babies, who were technically ‘gods’, too and this was really ticking Zeus off; even though he was the main perpetrator of creating the extra ‘babies’ who were populating the mount.

“We have to do something!” Zeus glared at the throng of deities milling about him.

Hera glared at him. “You know, you could set an example and stop mating with the humans.”

Zeus ignored that comment. He knew it upset Hera that he liked to play away from home but marriage for an eternity was a long, long time. 

Mercury shot over to them and complained about the number of Gods about was interfering with his distance running training. 

“That’s it!” Zeus stood up raising his arms to dramatic affect. 

Hera rolled her eyes while Hermes grinned. “This’ll be good.”

“I have decided that it is too crowded on this mount and I suspect it is because we are immortal and live forever, so…”

Mercury started to panic. “Zeus. Baby. If you are going to do what I think you’re going to do…”

Zeus continued, “… I have decided to fix the situation. From now on, we shall only live for 100 years.”

And with that pronouncement, a terrifying lightning storm erupted and every single god on Mount Olympus was smote. 

Hera’s last words were, “You’re an idiot, Zeus.”

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