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Was This Fate?

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Their eyes had met
Across the room
A crowded bar
Crowded with B.O, cigarette smoke
And country music.
Was this fate?
Never before
Had she felt electricity like this
He sauntered across the room
Asked to buy her a drink
His blue eyes twinkling
The scent of Brut 33 
Tantalisingly close.
Was this fate? 
She asked for a cocktail
A Pina Colada
As she hoped he like to walk
In the rain
Just like the song
Make love a midnight
Just like the song
That was playing
When her parents met
Was this fate? 
His eyes searched hers
As her heart beat faster
He opened his mouth to speak
She leaned forward
Inhaled his vintage manly stench
Desperate not to miss a word
“Isn’t that what pooftas drink?”
She blinked once
She blinked twice
She walked away
It wasn’t fate.

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