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Most genies were kept in bottles but Juarez had been particularly controlling as an interior decorator so his mistress had decided his punishment was to be forever installed into an ugly floral wallpaper that no one in their right mind would put onto their walls.

However, fashions do change. 

Pretty soon Juarez found himself beautifully aligned with the other sheets of of wallpaper on a feature wall in a modern industrial style apartment.

“Good grief!” He thought to himself as he surveyed the room with its eclectic boho and shabby chic decor. “This has got to change.” 

Over the next few months, Juarez managed to insert into Estelle’s mind a need to decorate in a decidedly Art Nouveau style which was at odds with the style of her partner, Jessie. This, of course, caused great friction between the two women because Jessie could not understand why all of a sudden their lounge room was covered with cherubs and scrolls at the expense of their beautifully and lovingly repurposed pieces. 

Juarez, on the other hand, was delighted. The room looked fabulous but he could only control one mind at a time and Estelle was it, Jessie’s mind was far too strong to penetrate so all her could do was drive her away by making Estelle impulsively online buy very unpolitically correct Indian elephants  and statues of African slaves holding feathered fans; something totally at odds with Estelle’s strongly held Amnesty International membership views. 

Jessie couldn’t understand it and was tired about arguing about it and so she moved out to give their relationship space in the hopes that Estelle would once again become the woman she had fallen in love with.

“At last!” Juarez thought to himself as he worked to remove the last piece of decorating effrontery in the room; the wallpaper. 

With the wallpaper gone, Estelle snapped out of whatever trance she had been in and invited Jessie over to have an Art Nouveau bonfire with their friends and everyone commented about how much nicer the main living area looked without the wallpaper. 

Estelle couldn’t help but agree and they lived happily ever after. 

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