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The Nest

Observations from the Nest

Some archived thoughts from a wanna-be domestic goddess.
Nest: Feb 2007 – 3

Hi Q: Uhmm, Mum, I don’t think I want V anymore.  We need totake her back to the hospital. Me:  Why? Q:  Well….she keeps biting people and that’s not very nice. Me: You used to bite peo…

Nest: feb 2007 – 2

Hi I was drying Q off after her bath, and she did a series of farts. Me: “Do you need to go to the toilet, Q?” Q: laughing “Naw, I’m just farting…my farts are scrumptious.” Me: interesting, “What do y…

Nest: Feb 2007 – 1

Hi all 1.  Q was playing with some magnets on the fridge. After a whileshe says, “My work here is done!” and runs from the room.  Superheromagnet playing! 2.  Q put her shoes on the wrong fe…