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The Victorian Maid

He had been intrigued by her style of dress, the fitted waist and the voluminous skirt, and her beautiful speech which sounded like something from days gone by. 

“I am obsessed by the Victorians,” she had proudly informed him. “I practically live like a Victorian.”

Eager to know her much better, he had gone to her house bringing with him a Victorian sponge to impress her. 

She took the cake. “It looks lovely but I can’t eat it. I’m vegan.”

A vegan Victorian? 

She lead him to the lounge room where there were no books only a massive television blaring reality tv in the corner. 

He asked if she kept her books elsewhere.

“I don’t read. Who needs to read when you’ve good streaming on a big screen.” She happily sat down on the chaise, spreading out her ample skirts across the chintz. 

A reality tv watching Victorian? 

He felt like he had been misled by her Victorian era lifestyle comment and told her so.

“Not Victorian era!” She laughed, her Aussie accent broadening as she smiled. “Victorian, you know, Victoria the state of Australia. Geez, I love Melbourne. Do you want some decent coffee? The coffee in this country is woeful.” She leapt up and sauntered to the kitchen. “Espresso?” 

I can work with that, he thought as he adjusted his expectations and followed her.

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