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The List

 She had a list
 A to-do list 
 Things she would do 
 Things she would achieve
 So that she would be a success
 And the Universe laughed
 The Universe knew better
 The Universe had other plans
 Another list
 A baby
 Her list involved travel
 To exotic lands
 To learn of others’ values
 To learn of other cultures
 She looked into her baby’s eyes 
 And learned about herself
 Her own values
 Her own culture
 Her list involved mountains
 Which she would climb and conquer
 She would be proud
 She would be triumphant
 She held her toddler’s hand
 And climbed hills and gym sets
 And felt no less proud
 No less triumphant 
 Her list involved being the best
 Having others admire her
 Look up to her
 Listen to her
 She listened to her child
 She heard his truth
 Forgave his lies
 Guided his understanding
 And prayed he was becoming a good man
 Because she had done her best
 And the child grew
 And she smiled
 He was happy
 And she felt a success
 And the Universe smiled

3 thoughts on “The List”

    1. I wrote it for my 18 year old who made a comment about having to achieve all her ‘plans’ before having children because her life would be ‘over’. Thank you for the feedback.

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