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The Stash

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So. It had come to this. The perfect crime, the crime that he had been so sure would not fail had resulted in this…

He could hear them thrashing about outside as he sheltered in place, his heartbeat smashing mercilessly against his chest while he tried desperately not to breathe, certain that even the tiniest exhale would result in his capture.

“Where are you? There’s no point hiding, you know. You’re only making it worse. Come out and face the consequences like a man!” 

Ha, he thought wildly, like a man. He wasn’t a man, he was just a desperate animal with needs that those in charge just didn’t understand.

His pursuant’s voice echoed outside again, “Tristan. I promise I will still love you. I just want my chocolate back.”

Tristan looked down at the two golden bars of chocolate he held in his small childish hands. 

“I will share if you come out now.”

Likely story, he thought as he unsuccessfully fought to suppress a sneeze brought on by the years of dust and memories that sat beside him in the hall closet.

He could hear her kneeling down outside the closet. “Tristan. I promise I won’t be mad and I will share, but you can’t keep stealing my chocolate.”

Wiping the snot from his nose, Tristan emerged from his hiding place, red eyed and clutching the chocolate which had now moulded in its wrapper to fit the fierce fist of his hand. 

His mother glanced down at the chocolate bars, shuddered as she saw the state they were in and decided that she wasn’t as keen to eat the chocolate now. 

As she hugged him she wracked her brain for a new hiding spot for her chocolate survival stash. 

By Ca Venz

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