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The Scratch

As a child she would walk up and down the hallway wishing that she had a sister, someone who would understand. On days when she was particularly frustrated, she would run back and forth in the hopes that if she ran fast enough she could trick the cosmos into thinking there were two of her; that she would make her own sister; her own twin.

While running one day, she knocked over a chair which left a scratch in the wall which glowed. She bent down to try and see where the light was coming from but couldn’t; so she put her forefinger into the small scratch to make it bigger. 

A kaleidoscope of colour enveloped her and she tried to pull her finger away to no avail, instead a lightning bolt shot out from the scratch and threw her across the room. She lay on the floor looking at the ceiling, wondering what had just happened. 

“Well, that was unexpected,” said the voice beside her. 

She turned her head and staring back at her was a face identical to her own. 

The cosmos had listened. 

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