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The Ring in the Cup

 He found the ring in his tea cup.
 Sure, she was nice and all 
 But no one on Tinder really believes that 
 It’ll end in commitment 
 His stomach lurched 
 “Marriage...” he whispered.
 She had been perusing the dessert menu
 Trying to pick an expensive ending
 To an expensive meal 
 Before she broke up with this
 Boring, not-bright but beautiful boy
 And that’s when she heard him whisper,
 No one on Tinder really believes that
 It’ll end in commitment
 Her stomach lurched
 But she’d gone on Tinder because she was lonely
 So tired of nights alone
 It hadn’t been so bad
 These past few weeks
 “Maybe...” she whispered.
 He started to sweat
 She started to twitch
 “Maybe...” he whispered.
 They both slowly reached across the table
 Scared to touch now that it may mean
 Something permanent
 Something real.
 And that was when the waiter appeared
 Whisking away the tea cup and ring
 with a clucking tongue 
 “I’m so sorry. What a fool I am! This is for table 12 not 21!” 
 They snatched their hands back
 Averted their eyes
 Muttered promises about catching up 
 One day
 No day
 Before bursting out onto the street
 From the near collision
 They had had 

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