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The Greatest.

Always Cool.

“I love this song! It’s the greatest.” She ran onto the dance floor, dragging her companions with her before throwing her hands into the air and dancing with abandon.

She closed her eyes and let the music guide her movements. In her mind’s eye she could see the crowd standing back to watch her beautiful display of grace and talent.

Tap, tap.

Opening one eye, she glanced to see who dared to interrupt her performance only to see her daughter.

“Mum!” Her daughter hissed. “Stop it! You’re embarrassing Celeste.”

She closed her eyes and continued to move to the music. “Celeste loves my dancing.”

Her daughter grabbed both of her shoulders to bring her to standstill. “Celeste loved your dancing when she was five. However, Mum…”

She opened both of her eyes and looked around at the circle of people looking mortified in her direction.

“… no bride wants to see their grandmother gyrating to ‘ You Shook Me all Night Long’ at their wedding.”

Smoothing her dress, she fixed the room with a defiant glare and said, “I don’t see why. If I hadn’t shook your father all night long neither of you would be here.”

By Ca Venz

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