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Shoulder the Burden

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She hated housekeeping
The endless round of responsibilities that she
She shouldered alone
It never felt completely done

And he
He never seemed to notice
So she
She went on strike

He noticed
Some 4 weeks after the strike began
The fridge was empty
The kitchen became a cave of trash and unwashed plates
So he asked

They sat on the among the piles of unwashed laundry
As she
She spoke of her burden
The burden of the housekeeping that she
She shouldered alone

He looked at the dust bunnies
Defiantly setting up villages upon their stained wood floor
And he
He realised that something had to give
That he
He had to do something to help shoulder
Shoulder the thankless burden of housekeeping.

He suggested they have children
Children who would grow to help shoulder the burden
The burden of housekeeping

She left
Left the idiot
The idiot who
Who did understand the burden
The burden of housekeeping.

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