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Infinite Sadness and Credit Cards

It was a recipe for disaster; Christine working as a mall cop. Especially as she had only gotten the job to pay the massive credit card bill that her husband had refused to pay. 

He was so selfish and she had told him as much. Still, he would not be swayed, she had spent the money so she should work to pay it back. Besides, he had reasoned, this obsession with shopping had all started when she’d decided she should be the perfect stay at home wife… pretty, well-dressed and bored out of her brain.

Christine had maintained that she didn’t shop because she was bored, she shopped because she was sad. The turmoil she saw unfurling on her tv screen every day after her Pilates and supervision of the cleaner just made her incredibly, irretrievably sad. After all, who could possibly watch any of the Bold and the Beautiful and not feel frustrated about Ridge’s lack of commitment to Brooke? 

So, she shopped and shopped and racked up a $20 000 debt. 

Now, she was a mall cop; a situation which made her sad. 

So, Christine shopped. 

The credit card debt did not drop, instead it ballooned to $22 000. 

Her husband left her and this made her sad. 

The credit card grew to $25 000. 

This made her sad, too. 

She went to the Macy’s to get new sheets for the bed; there was a sale and she needed new sheets so she wouldn’t have to smell him on the old ones.

They cut up her credit card in front of her because he had informed the credit company that he was no longer going to pay her debt. 

This didn’t make her sad; this made her angry and the ensuing rage was of a magnitude that meant two of the shop assistants were on stress leave for 2 months. 

Christine no longer felt angry or sad after this day, more floaty, especially after those nice nurses gave her the little blue pills twice a day. She looked up at the television in the corner of the room, The Bold and the Beautiful flickered on the screen. 

“Where’s my credit card?” 

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