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Nest: February 2007

Entry 1:

Hi all

1.  Q was playing with some magnets on the fridge. After a while
she says, “My work here is done!” and runs from the room.  Superhero
magnet playing!

2.  Q put her shoes on the wrong feet, turns to Mark and says, “I’m not perfect, Dad! I’m just me!” and sashays from the room.  Mark
is a bit perplexed, he didn’t say a word!

Love Ca

Entry 2:


I was drying Q off after her bath, and she did a series of farts.

Me: “Do you need to go to the toilet, Q?”

Q: laughing “Naw, I’m just farting…my farts are scrumptious.”

Me: interesting, “What do you mean by scrumptious?”

Q: “They’re just beautiful, Mum and they make people love one another.”

Aw, how vain, how deluded, how cute!  Where’s that therapist’s number?

(without the perfume of Q’s farts to fuel my affection)

Entry 3:


Q: Uhmm, Mum, I don’t think I want V anymore.  We need to
take her back to the hospital.

Me:  Why?

Q:  Well….she keeps biting people and that’s not very nice.

Me: You used to bite people when you were a baby.  Based on your
reasoning, we should have taken you back, too.

Q:  Yeah….I still think we should take her back.

Me:  Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.  How about we take you both
back?  Then I can get some sleep.

Q: (After much thought): Well…..we can keep her, if you like.
(And runs off to play with V).