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They had meet on an online dating site. Based upon the picture she had been sent he seemed to be young, fit and, most of all, attractive and after many, many online chats they decided to meet in person.

It was decided that they would meet at the Cliffside Restaurant which was a romantic venue overlooking the crashing waves for their first ‘real’ meeting.  He had sent a single lily in anticipation of their rendezvous. She felt overwhelmed with expectations of this perfect man she was to finally meet. So, to acknowledge his perfection, she decided to take the lily with her to the venue to show him how much she appreciated the gesture. 

The restaurant staff kindly put the lily into a beautiful vase. She sashayed to the restrooms to check her sexy but classy look in the mirror to ensure that such a perfect man would be impressed by her perfection. 

She waited and sipped the unwooded Chardonnay in a ladylike manner periodically looking at the entrance to see if he had arrived. 

He didn’t arrive. 

He was three hours late.

She was disappointed but she stayed because perfection is always worth waiting for. 

Her phone buzzed with a text message. “I’m sorry. I arrived but you did not send me a recent photo. I expect honesty above everything else. I don’t think this can work.”

She sighed. Finished her glass of wine. 

“Maybe putting my age 40 years younger than I am isn’t the best strategy,” she mused as she tossed the lily into the sea below. 

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