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No Rainbows

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rainbow over sea
 I hate rainbows. 
 Yeah, yeah
 They are beautiful.
 Yeah, yeah
 They represent hope.
 Yeah, yeah
 They are a miracle of nature and light.
 But, I hate the rain. 
 Some rain is good. 
 Some rain helps to rejuvenate life. 
 Some rain makes the sleep in on Sunday 
 soooo much better.
 But, rainbow rain. 
 The rain that makes you wonder what we did wrong.
 The rain that makes you religiously look up flood warnings before you go anywhere.
 The rain that just stays and stays and smears mould on everything.
 That rain.
 Rainbow rain.
 It’s just an excuse for unicorn shit.
 And unicorn shit is never a good thing. 
By Ca Venz

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