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Nest: May 2007

Entry 1:

Yes, folks, we’re back!!

1.  Q loves dancing and was performing her latest rendition for
me, when I said, “You love to dance, don’t you, Q?”
“Yeah, I do! Grandpa loves to dance, too, but he’s not very good at it,
’cause he hasn’t got any hair.  It makes him sad, but that’s okay.”

2.  Q likes to pick jacaranda flowers from the ground out the back
and put them in water (we had to discourage actually picking flowers
off the plants, as the poor ol’ plants were starting to look a little
bare).  The next morning I watched her get the flowers out of the vase
and put them outside.

“Uhmmm, Q….What are you doing?”

“Well. they were dirty so I gave them a nice warm bath and now that
they feel better I am taking them back outside so that they can go
home to their families.”

3.  Q was outside playing while I was cleaning the kitchen inside.

“Mum! Mum!”

Oh no! I thought she’s hurt so I ran outside.

Q was kneeling in front of a lavender bush, “Mum, the insects
don’t hate themselves, do they? ‘Cause I have been watching this one
and he hasn’t hit himself at all!”

Lucky insect!

4. Q has renamed one of her hermit crabs, “Mornay”?????!!!!!!!


Entry 2:


Q was sleeping in, and I went in to wake her up.  She turns to me,
yawns and says, “Mum, I’m really tired!  I’m three tired, just not

V was being buckled into her highchair by Mark for breakfast.
While he was doing this she was quietly trying to lick his hand. When
she succeeded he got bit of a shock and yelled, “Hey? What’s that?”
and V just shot him a big triumphant grin.  I guess she was
either hungry or bored.


Entry 3:


The younger one is getting quite funny now, too.

V likes to put her head to one side and coo when she’s trying to
be cute.  Awwww! Trouble is, now that she’s cruising the couch, she
tends to keep going.  It’s like watching timber fall.

At mealtimes, I have little plastic dishes I use for V’s food.
At lunch, she tipped out the good and looked through the opaque
plastic at me, yelling, “Heeeeeyyyyyy!” When she’d finished that, she
put it on her head like a hat and tried to keep it there. It was a
little difficult, because I started laughing so she did, and it fell
off.  This made her laugh harder….this kid’s got a wicked sense of