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Impulse Buy

It sparkled. As she walked past the pawn shop window, the sun had been caught in the prism of glass that adorned the silver brooch and this ray of hope had drawn here. It had been such a terrible day, such a terrible week, such a terrible year, she felt herself drawn to this brooch and even though she had no need for a brooch, or even wore brooches, she bought it with the last $50 she had. 

She left the store, pinned the brooch to the lapel of her jacket and inwardly scolded herself for such extravagance; however, the minute she put it on, she felt better, in control, more than she had for a very long time. Congratulating herself on her fine purchase, she closed her eyes, breathed deeply to savour her new found confidence before opening her eyes again with renewed hope.

And that is when she saw him.

He ran up to her grabbed her hand and tried to pull with him.

“Hey!” She snapped as she pulled her hand away. “I don’t even know you!”

He looked to the sky which was darkening as she spoke. “No, you don’t know me, but trust me, you don’t want to know them.”

Her gaze followed his as she saw thirty ufos crowd above them. “Oh, shit!”

“You have accepted the position as leader of the Orion rebels and our enemies are responding.”

“Hey! Wait? How?” The confidence she had just felt drained away from her in pools around her feet. 

He looked at the brooch. “You accepted the call.” 

“It didn’t really call so much as shone.” She protested.

He smiled and nodded as a laser shot across from one UFO to another and the target hurtled to the ground and landed upon the car park in the nearby supermarket. 

Shrugging, she grabbed his hand and they both ran. What had she done?

By Ca Venz

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