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Gabriel the Time Traveler

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Gabriel was feed up with his gig. God was an alright guy and everything but he wanted more excitement in his life after all being the messenger of God’s word meant that he spent his entire immortal existence delivering exciting news to everyone else, never really experiencing it himself. 

“But, you’re management!” God replied to Gabriel’s woes.

“Middle management,” Gabriel grumbled.

God regarded the angel slumped before him. “Well, what do you want?”

“An adventure of my own, not just delivering messages of hope. You know, like traveling through time or something.” 

God’s eyebrows furrowed, his angels had a habit of glorifying the good ol’ days of fire and brimstone. “Any era in mind?”

Gabriel shrugged. “I just want to travel through different eras, different stories and stop occasionally.”

God allowed himself a small smile as he bestowed his Angel Gabriel’s wish upon him.

A flash of light enveloped Gabriel as he felt his body transform. He lay in a warm embrace for sometime and pondered where God had decided to send him. 

After some time, the embrace released and light showered down upon him. Gabriel looked around to see if there were any familiar buildings or voices to give him a hint as to where he was but soon discovered he was surrounded by words.

And that is when he realised what God had done. 

“A bookmark! Really?” He squeaked as frantically looked around before seeing the sentence, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

By Ca Venz

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