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By Ca Venz

Growth is one of those words which had such loaded connotations depending on context. For instance, if “he’s experienced some growth” had the connotation that said person is improving emotionally as a human being; however, if the growth is a cancer, the growth is not a good thing and the growth needs to be stopped. 

Growth is also something that we generally associate with getting older. My two teenagers, who are definitely pocket rockets, are a little obsessed with growth upwards so that they can be taller. So, if my father looks at them and comments on their growth, they immediately grow an extra inch because they are proud of ‘achievement’; however, at my age if my mother points out my growth and looks meaningfully at my girth, the offending ‘growth’ immediately shrinks as I suck my gut in.

Which brings me to our planet. As a species, we have been so obsessed with economic growth and GDP growth as being good things we have failed to notice the shrinking growth of the other species who share this space. We have mined, we have felled, we have plundered all in the name of reaching heights of untold wealth; however, we have failed to see the negative side of this growth and now we are paying.

We are the cancer which needs to be treated. We are the expanding girth from unfettered greed and now we need to suck it up to reduce it. We need to think of growth in terms of being better. 

And better is not always easier.

And realising that, is growth which is good for everyone. 

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