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A Blue Rose

Killer McGee couldn’t help but want to swear, even by his standards it was a bloody disaster but he couldn’t because of… the rules. 

“What were you thinking, kid?” He gritted through his teeth which he kept clenched lest an expletive escaped and he offended the boss’s kid.

The kid looked at Killer McGee with a frown laced with innocent confusion. “You said get a blue Rose.”

Killer looked across at the young lady in the blue dress sobbing with abject fear. “So. Her name’s Rose I take it?”

“Yup,” said the kid proudly poking out his chest with pride, “and she’s blue.”

A high pitched wail punctured the air. 

Killer McGee rubbed his hand over his face in exasperation. “She a damn sight more than blue, kid.”

“Damn!” The kid’s eyebrows shot up. “Dad’ll be if he finds out you swore in front of me.”

“I reckon he’s going to be a whole lot more upset that you’ve graduated to kidnapping.” Killer McGee mumbled as he regretted agreeing to teaching the young fella the ropes.

The wailing than subsided into quiet sobs which was better for everyone.

“What was I supposed to do?” The kid frowned at the crying Rose. “What’d you want her for anyway?” 

“Your dad suggested we get a blue rose for Mother’s Day for your mum.” 

He turned to the sniffling woman in the corner. “Sorry for the mistake, Miss. The kid is as thick as…”

“Hey! Dad said swearing is bad.”

Killer McGee drew in a patient breath, “…a plank.”

I wonder if I could retire, Killer McGee thought. “I’m too old for this shit.”

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